27 5 / 2012



Curitiba you were amazing. Thank you for making the tumblr meetup yesterday the biggest in tumblr history with 1,500 users coming out to meet. A very special thanks to Lauro and Phelipe for helping get the word out. You were amazing!

TUMBLR ADORO CURITIBA. Highlights from Sunday’s meetup in Brasil:

* A One Direction flash mob performance. Really.

* This quote, from a 13-year-old girl: “I’m so excited I’m shaking!”

* A wall-sized mural of the dashboard IRL.

* Brazilian Tumblr trivia: tumblrers = tumbleros; dashboard = dashboard; LOL = euri.

See more at our Brasil staff blog, our Tumblr hearts Brasil blog and at #tumblrcuritiba.

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